Denzel Washington Does Hilarious Jay Z Impression on ‘The Queen Latifah Show’


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    We’ve seen better, but this is pretty funny

    Denzel Washington has a monster movie in theaters today, The Equalizer, and to help promote that he took his talents to The Queen Latifah Show for a little sit down with one of the many queens of Hip-Hop. Among the many different topics they talked about, Denzel and Latifah touched on a fond memory Washington had of that time he was in the studio with Lenny Kravitz and Jay Z, and Hov nonchalantly previewed a record for Denzel: “Change Clothes”. Denzel didn’t say it, but you can tell by his reaction and body gestures that at the time, when he first heard the record, he all but lost his mind, and was in awe at how unassuming Jay Z was as he was playing it. During the delivery of this story, Denzel found some time to do a hilarious impersonation of Jay, and it’s certainly worth a couple looks.

    Check it out below.


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