Deitrick Haddon Responds to TD Jakes: “I Was Shocked” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Oct 16, 2013


    Preachers of LA TD Jakes Deitrick Haddon

    Bishop TD Jakes made headlines this week when he called Oxygen’s reality show Preachers of L.A .“junk,” and one of the show’s stars has responded. Deitrick Haddon called into Praise 102.5 / 102.9today and spoke to Darlene McCoy about Jakes’ comments and the show in general.Calling the show “a necessary risk,” Deitrick said he was shocked at Jakes’ reaction:“I have the absolute utmost respect for Bishop TD Jakes and what he represents. I considered him one of our generals in this generation. I was a bit taken back and shocked when I saw his view on the show, being that he’s a forefather in unorthodox, unconventional methods of sharing the Gospel, whether it be through MegaFest or partnering with comedians or Oprah.”

    Listen to the exclusive below!



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