Chris Brown’s Plea Deal Fell Apart, May Face More Jail Time


    Chris Brown's Plea Deal Fell Apart, May Face More Jail TimeImage via AP

    Chris Brown‘s legal troubles aren’t going away anytime soon. Today, a plea deal in his case fell apart after prosecutors and defense attorneys couldn’t seem to agree on what Brown would acknowledge happened last October. It all stems from an incident that went down last year outside of a hotel where Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault. A fan claims Brown hit him after he tried to jump in a photo with two other female fans.

    Either way, Brown was on probation for his 2009 incident involving then-girlfriend, Rihanna.Because Brown refused to read a script of the events that supposedly happened last year, he’ll be heading back to trial in September, which means he could face even more jail time. If he pleaded guilty, he would have avoided any more jail time.

    We’ll update with more details as they become available.

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