Bumpy Knuckles on Dissing Entire Music Industry on “Industry Shakedown”


Freddy Foxx also known as Bumpy Knuckles sat down with VladTV to talk about his reasoning for leaving MCA, how his relationship was with Shakim and Queen Latifah was after leaving Flavor Unit, and opens up about his ultimate disdain for music executive Steve Stoute.

Like so many artists, leaving on amicable terms is very rare, and in Bumpy’s case, he tells us that issues with his A&R and the MCA shelving his record were the initial cause of his departure. “I was eager to get to work. I wanted to do promo. I wanted to do all kinds of stuff.” He said, “Everything happened from them stealing marketing budgets and pocketing the money to stupid s***.”

In 1993, Bumpy teamed up with Treach to jump on “Hot Potato” on NaughtByNature’s 19 Naughty III album and from there he says Shakim heard it and wanted to give him a deal with Flavor Unit, which was under Epic. Unfortunately, the rapper says that he wanted to maintain a Boom Bap sound still and teamed up with Diggin’ in the Crates to master that sound, which didn’t sit well with members of Flavor Unit who wanted another sound for the album. In turn, Bumpy says he has to reproduce the album resulting in two projects which were later shelved after issues between the Unit and Epic records. Unhappy with the outcome and the lack of communication, he says he departed from the clique with resentment. Since then, Bumpy says he’s made amends with Shakim and seen Queen Latifah at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors recently, and he’s gotten over the drama.

As the conversation continued, he opens up about releasing his diss record “Industry Shake Down” and explains why he slammed Red Alert, Slyvia Rhone, and who he calls a “slimy a** dude.” Check out the interview to know why.

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