Benzino: XXL Ripped Off The Source, They Didn’t Know Hip-Hop


Benzino spoke to VladTV about his time at The Source, including being a part of The Source Awards.

He recalled specifically the 1995 awards show, where the East Coast/West Coast beef started bubbling up, and Benzino also shared his thoughts on the performances from the night. He told VladTV that some of the best performances in hip-hop history took place on stage that night, including Death Row’s elaborate jail-scene show. Benzino added that Suge Knight spent a lot of money on the set, but he didn’t offer up exact figures.

During the conversation Benzino also spoke about how he thinks XXL ripped off The Source, comparing the two magazines to Coke and Pepsi. He explained that XXL was created by a company that wanted to capitalize off of the popularity of The Source without knowing anything about the hip-hop world.

To hear more of what Benzino had to say during the interview, including The Source’s “Unsigned Hype” section helping artists get deals, hit the above clip.

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