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Adrien Broner Matches 6ix9ine’s $300K Bet on His Next Fight



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Adrien Broner, no stranger to being the center of drama, has found himself some more with the interactions he’s been having recently with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Things appeared to take off after the Bushwick-born rapper called him a “clown” in a recent Instagram post. The insult prompted the Cincinnati boxer to fire back on his own Instagram, telling Tekashi, “Aye 6ix9ine, don’t be commenting no f*** shit under my pictures, boy. Talkin’ bout clown, n***a. The only thing with a red nose from where I’m from is a pitbull, n***a.” Broner said, “And I get to New York this week, n***a. Mothaf***a done pull up on you, n***a. I ain’t one of these rap n***as you be trollin’ with. Quit playin wit’ me.”

The “Gummo” spitter shot back with an Instagram video in which he took apart stacks of cash and tossed them into the air, eventually working his way up to a sum of $300,000–the amount that 6ix9ine is willing to bet that Broner will lose his upcoming fight to title-holder Mikey Garcia on April 21.

Broner responded Tuesday with an Instagram post showing a check made out for $300,000, matching the bet.

“Just heard @6ix9ine wanna make a small bet for my fight April 21st… well look your check is made bro just have my money when I beat the s**t out Jessie Vargas…. see you soon I’m pulling up to New York right now #AB #AboutBillions#NoCap,” he captioned the pic.

You can check it out up top.

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