50 Cent Tells Jimmy Kimmel His Aunt Is Traumatized After Seeing His Penis While Watching ‘Power’


Shenequa Golding | August 24, 2016 – 12:03 pm

50 Cent was livid when he learned his penis would be the center of attention in episode four of Power. The show’s executive producer and resident bad guy took to social media to exchange words with show creator and showrunner Courtney A Kemp.

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The war of words may have simmered down between the two, but that didn’t stop 50 Cent from giving his side of the story Tuesday night (August 23) while speaking with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. According to Mr. Jackson, he knew about the scene, but thought the lighting would be darker to mask his private part.

“Courtney, she’s like the writer and showrunner of the show and she said ‘I didn’t want to show it to you in the beginning because I didn’t think you  needed to see it at that point,’ ” 50 cent recalls. “And when she said it like ‘You’re just going to have take one for the team.’ ” She then said ‘I would do it, but I just don’t have one’ “

50 Cent, who plays Kanan in the show, said he understands other actors have intense sex scenes on the show, but none of his other male co-stars have frontal scenes. He was also a embarrassed when his aunt Geraldine, who also watches the show, saw his private.

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“My aunty G she texted me and she was like ‘What the f**k? Why didn’t you tell me?’ “

Despite the public airing of dirty laundry between Jackson and Kemp, the show continues to be popular among fans, and after the airing of the show’s Season Three return, it was announced it was renewed for two more seasons.

Check out 50 Cents take on the situation below.

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