2Pac Reveals Plot Against Him In Previously-Unheard Phone Conversation

    2Pac Reveals Plot Against Him In Previously-Unheard Phone Conversation

    2Pac tells Sanyika Shakur that the woman who accused him of rape in 1993 was connected to the men who attempted to kill him in 1994.

    We’ve got a pretty crazy news story for you, fam. A previously-unheard phone conversation between 2Pac and Sanyika Shakur (AKA Monster) has just surfaced, and it contains new information about an alleged plot against Pac. According to the man himself, the woman who accused him of rape in 1993 had connections with the people who attacked and shot him in 1994 at the Quad Recording Studio in New York (not the attack that killed him, that was in 1996). As Shakur originally accused Puff Daddy and his associates of orchestrating the attack, this is pretty big news.

    First, some background info. In November 1993, a woman accused Pac and his entourage of raping her in a hotel room, and took the rapper to trial on charges of first-degree sexual abuse, to which he pleaded not guilty. The day before the verdict was announced, November 30, 1994, Pac was shot five times by three men in the lobby of the Manhattan recording studio. Despite that connection (coincidental or not), the rapper initially accused Puff Daddy, The Notorious B.I.G. and their associates of putting a hit out on him.

    But now, in this phone conversation, Pac is clearly heard saying, “The girl that did this rape shit, she hooked up with the niggas that shot me. It was all connected; it was a big plan. I just caught it at the end, and that’s why they shot me.” With the alleged sexual assault occurring before the attack, and the attack coming hours before a judge gave Pac a shortened sentence, it definitely seems like someone was trying to get him locked up for a long time, and when they realized that was unlikely to happen, resorted to more violent methods of silencing the star.

    As this topic only pops up briefly in this lengthy phone conversation, we don’t get much else in the way of helpful information (or identification of the assailants’ names or motives), but the reveal of this “big plan” against 2Pac is certainly shocking coming 18 years after his death. Apart from that portion of the conversation (which is around the 12 minute mark), Pac’s phone call with Sanyika Shakur also shows how much the rapper cared about supporting communities.

    Revealing plans for community centers, children’s sporting events, registering voters and asking drug dealers to have the streets clean from 6 AM to 11 PM “for the kids,” it’s clear to see Pac’s investment in making the world a better place. About himself and other rappers, he says, “we got the juice, we just ain’t doing nothing with it.” Also speaking on his actions taken against a gang that executed a child, Pac was a very rare breed in the rap game. We need more artists to take up his mission to give back to communities and work with gangs to keep children safe. R.I.P. Pac.

    Listen to the full conversation below.


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