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21 Savage: “People Don’t Really Understand How Hard it is to Be Black”


Mark Braboy

Contributing Writer

Article Image: 21 Savage: "People Don't Really Understand How Hard it is to Be Black"

21 Savage recently did an interview for Rolling Stone magazine where he opens up about a variety of heavy topics such as politics, love, and being black in America.

When asked about his debut album Issa Album and addressing social/political issues such as systematic racism and police brutality, he explains how he not only speaks on his experience, but he raps about other issues that fans relate to.

“Most of the time I just talk about me or what I experience,” he explains to Rolling Stone. “Now I be trying to talk about other things that other people can relate to.”

21 Savage continues when he speaks on how he does not believe that many people truly understand that black experience for those coming from his environment.

“It’s hard being black,” he says. “I don’t think people really understand how hard it is to be black. Especially when you coming from nothing. In the hood, there’s already a lot of hate just amongst us black people. We killin’ each other and everybody else killin’ us too. We poor. And the world hates us.”

He also speaks honestly about his critics in regards to his content.

“People always say I don’t ever talk about that type of s**t, then when I talk about that type of s**t, they do everything in their power to not talk about that song,” he continues. “They don’t give me the credit. F**k ’em.”


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