oprah-bill-cosby-rape1celebrity news gossip world news December 18, 2014 nahadaily1 “He’s funny, but not that funny. Thats when I knew the drugs kicked in, because I was laughing a little too much” Said Oprah Winfrey about her run in with comedian Bill Cosby. The raining queen of daytime Tv Oprah Winfrey is set to reveal she was drugged by comedian Bill Cosby on an OWN network show episode, but decided to wait before revealing it, because she’s not into ruining a black man. “He was never able to rape me; Even while drugged I overpowered him, but let’s just say he got to second base” Said the media Mogul to Iyanla in this scathing interview that will probably be the end of Bill Cosby being that Oprah’s word is golden to whites and blacks worldwide. “Oprah’s word is like Jesus” – OWN Fan If you’re a fan of Oprah then you know she was raped as a young child so this is something that she doesn’t speak on lightly. As she revealed in a show about sexual abuse that she was raped at age 9 and pregnant by 14, but her son died as an infant. (Wikipedia) TV ratings of this episode are predicted to be off the charts and in my opinion that is the move Oprah is making more than worrying about Bill’s legacy, but what’s another couple million when she’s worth billions. What do you guys think of Oprah revealing her story on a show than leaking it to the media as ever other victim of Bill Cosby? Source: OWN Network
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