Safaree Says He Wrote Most of Nicki Minaj’s Raps


Dec. 15, rapper Safaree opened up about moving forward with legal action against his ex-girfriend, Nicki Mianj after he says he wasn’t credited for writing a majority of her rap songs. In an interview with ThisIs50, Safaree admits he didn’t write her pop hits, however, says he wants what is owed to him.

“When it comes to it at the end of the day, what’s fair is fair. You can’t do something and put it on that type of scale. I helped and [to say] I have nothing to do with it… No, it doesn’t work out like that. So, I just [got to] go after what’s mine.”

When asked if the 33-year-old was allegedly trying to keep him away from her success by not giving him his appropriate credit and dues he says, “I didn’t get no writing credit on anything.” He added that he wasn’t much apart of her pop songs, but says he had a hand in her rap lyrics, “Anything that’s bars and all of that s*** [and] when it comes to that rap s***, it’s what I do. Everyone gets help, but don’t act like a n**** ain’t help.”

Source: ThisIs50

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