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Rev Run and Tyrese have hit the media circuit to promote their book “Manology.”  During an even in Washington D.C.,  the two men spoke a to a crowd of women on how to maintain a successful relationship.  Rev broke down the secret to hip-hop’s power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce:

Those were the parallels for me, “The Book of Ruth” and Beyonce and Jay-Z because she captured the ultimate pimp. She out-pimped him. She’s so smart and feminine, that she was smart enough to name the new upcoming tour Mrs. Carter. The world tour is Mrs. Carter. She gon’ keep his ego in check like, ‘I gotta come home to this n—a.” So, it’s like you be cool running around with Kanye, but know the name of the tour is Mrs. Carter. I’m Mrs. Carter. So that’s the balance. It’s being feminine but having a little life on your hands and being kind of busy but not too busy. Be ready to name your tour Mrs. whoever you’re trying to get with.”

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You can watch Rev Run and Tyrese’s Q&A event below:


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