By Skyyhook, Contributing Editor

Ludacris promo photo

According to TMZ, rapper/actor Ludacris can no longer afford to pay thousands of dollars in child support and he told a judge that it’s because of the death of his “Fast and Furious” co-star Paul Walker.

Luda went to court this week with his baby mama, Tamika Fuller. Fuller is attempting to get Luda to pay her $15,000.00 per month in child support for his 2-month-old baby daughter, Cai.

However, Ludacris told the judge that he was counting on the “Fast and Furious” franchise money to make his payments. And the money didn’t come in because of the unfortunate accident which forced the movie to be put on hold.

Luda claims he can only pay $1,800 a month because he only made around $55,000.00 for 2013.

The judge ordered Ludacris to pay $7,000.00 a month for now and he is going to review all the financial docs before making a final ruling.

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