Kanye West Accused Of Cheating On Kim Kardashian With Leyla Ghobadi, But Kanye Denies All Allegations!! — Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian after she was already pregnant and carrying his baby. That’s the outrageous new claim Wednesday from 24-year-old French-Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi. According to Star Magazine, which reported on an exclusive interview with Ghobadi, Kanye West supposedly picked her out of a crowd to meet him for drinks after a 2012 concert.


Leyla Ghobadi’s story is that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with her not once but twice, telling the model that he was only with Kardashian as a publicity ploy.


Supposedly, the second encounter took place in October when Kardashian was already pregnant with West’s child. Ewwww.

The story is disturbingly believable because men do tend to have a type — and Leyla Ghobadi does look somewhat like a pre-pregnant Kim Kardashian. According to The New York Post, Kim Kardashian’s rep has already denied the report, although it isn’t clear why the pregnant girlfriend would necessarily know whether or not West and Ghobadi got busy.


At the time of writing, West himself hadn’t commented.

But Twitter had plenty to say, with a great many people attacking the motives of Leyla Ghobadi for choosing to speak out now when Kim Kardashian is so hugely, miserably, visibly pregnant. Most people may think Kanye West is perfectly capable of being a dirty dog, but it probably wasn’t the right time to mention it.

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