(BlackMediaScoop) For many music fans Jodeci were the defining sound of 90s R&B, but the band’s recent ill fated reunion gig in London ended ugly.

The group were booed off stage as they performed on Saturday night at Wembley Arena as part of a 1990s gig entitled The Show.
Starring alongside fellow music heavyweights Blackstreet, Dru Hill, SWV, Damage and Changing Faces, the former hit makers sounded horrible.



It didn’t take long for the London crowd to let the faded stars know what they thought of them as they booed loudly. Jodeci then embarrassingly begged the audience to let them sing for just ten more minutes.



News of the excruciatingly bad performance spread quickly through Twitter as many disgruntled fans mentioned how dreadful it was.
Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan tweeted: ‘Jodeci!!!!! ….Start off with a member jumping off stage and not being able to get back up !!!! I don’t meant to crack up laughing but….’

She continued: ‘People are booing #Jodeci I feel so bad seriously :-( ‘. 

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