Jimmy Jam: Don’t Get It Twisted, Adele’s Great But She’s NO Janet Jackson


Jimmy Jam; Adele; Janet Jackson
Jimmy Jam; Adele; Janet Jackson

Jimmy Jam of the hit making producer duo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, kept it all the way real when a paparazzi cat stopped him on the street and compared singer, Adele, to Janet Jackson. You see, ever since the numbers on her “25” album have just come out, it’s been proven that Adele has done what most singers haven’t been able to do in years, and that is sell 3+ million albums in the first week of it’s release. It’s set a new wave of hope and relief for the dying art of selling records within the music industry.

Adele's album, "25"
Adele’s album, “25”

Needless to say, folks couldn’t wait to compare Adele to some heavy hitters, like Janet Jackson, who recently set a new personal record when she became only the third artist to have ever achieved #1 selling album in each of the last four decades with the release of her #1 album “Unbreakable.”

janet unbreakable album
Janet Jackson’s album, “Unbreakable”

The the reason the paparazzi brought up Adele to Jimmy Jam, is because Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced “Unbreakable,” but Adele sold a few million more than Janet’s 109,000 albums sold in it’s first week. So when he was asked about the comparison between the two, Jam gave Adele her respect and her props, but he also had to set the record straight on the imbalanced Janet and Adele comparison. Watch him put this paparazzi dude in check…

Adele is an amazing artist, in fact, I really dig her voice and her music, but I have to ride with Jimmy Jam on this one – in terms of career comparisons to Janet’s, there is no comparison. Adele has a few more decades of work to put in before it becomes a fair comparison to Janet’s legacy – sales or no record sales. Just like Jimmy Jam said, Janet’s been doing this since she was 7 years old, performing with her brothers, the Jackson 5, and rockin’ out on stage with her afro puffs.

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