All my friends from back in the day will tell you that I am a huge Ashanti fan!  On misty days like this when the rain can’t stop pouring, I always put in one of her old CDs and reminisce when life was much simpler.  I was so excited to find out that she is dropping another album soon entitled “BraveHeart”.  I know her to write her own lyrics too which always adds to passion in the music. 

More exciting news though is that Ja Rule was recently released from prison and may be collaborating with her again!  Remember “Always on Time” and “Mesmerize”.
Hot 97 New York posted a video confirming, “Yes, I have.  I spoke to him the other day and I’m super, super excited for him…He is in great spirits…He has a studio downstairs in the house.  That’s where he’s gonna be all the time.  He’s super excited about the music…Hopefully, we get it all popping.  It’s no denying our chemistry…I mean, he has to focus on his stuff right now.  And I gotta focus on mine.”

“Braveheart” drops July 30th and has guest appearances from Meek Mill, Rico Love, Detail, Mansour, L.T. Hutton and French Montana.  I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to her and Nelly.  They seemed like the perfect couple and this is what her interview on Hot 97 was really all about.  Check it out below!


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