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March 12, 2018


Bettye Thomas-Gilkey, Associate Editor

Courtesy Photo – Andreana Beard – A T-Rose Entertainment Product

This thirteen-year-old playwright, actress, director and producer wrote her first play, “Christmas Love” at the age of nine.

It’s about a little girl who “wanted something very special for Christmas but asked Jesus for it instead of Santa Claus.” What she wanted was a father and she had the faith that she would receive it. The plot of the play goes something like this, “her mother reconnected with a guy she dated in college, but he didn’t know that she’d had a baby that she kept secret from him.” Upon learning of the child, “they resumed the relationship and around her 12th Christmas” her dream came true. The couple married and God “blessed her with a father.”

What inspired this young child to write such a profound play? Andreana enjoys watching Tyler Perry movies and believes “it’s really cool to put something in your mind to act out just as you imagined it.” She enjoys expressing her creativity through music and dance as well, but writing plays is really her forte’.

Andreana not only wrote and produced “Christmas Love” but she also directed it last year at the Charles Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan. The 120-minute production comprised of six scenes, filled the house and made a sizeable profit that allowed her to play all expenses that included a stipend for twelve cast members. Her business venture is Andreanna Beard Productions, LLC.

Currently, she is writing another play for an upcoming production. “Listen” is about children who have experienced sexual molestation, bullying and suicidal ideation, as well as “other things kids struggle with.” She was motivated to write about this topic because of observing peers who have experience these issues.

On Sunday, April 22nd, Andreana will appear as a guest correspondent with the Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo at the Boys & Girls Club, 16500 Tireman Street, Detroit, Michigan, from 2pm to 5pm. It is sponsored by the T-Rose Foundation. She met Theresa Randleman at the Detroit production of “When Men Pray” and they instantly fell in love with each other.

Included in this interview, Andreana gave me a sampling of her melodic, soprano vocals singing her rendition of “This is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” It’s a song that her Livonia school district Principal personally requested for an upcoming performance.

One thing I learned is that Andreana is quite modest because Mama Beard added key information that takes her talents to an entirely new level. According to Kim Beard, her daughter has “performed this play three times!” She said, “this past December Tony Grant (a leading Tyler Perry actor) had a leading role in “Christmas Love.” Not only is Grant her mentor, but played her father!

She also added that “Andreana works a lot.” Recently, she’s been working as casting director in “several productions.”

Added to her credits, the eighth-grader is an eleven-time beauty pageant winner! She’s been competing since she was 3-1/2 years old when she won her very first pageant.

“I didn’t really want her to do pageants because it’s so labor intensive,” her mother said. “But Andreana is naturally gifted on so many levels that it’s hard to hold her back. Everything she does is a gift from God because she’s never been formally trained.”

“At the age of four, Andreana got involved with the Make-A-Wish List Foundation,” Kim Beard said. “She sold tickets and her plaques raised all the money needed to honor a little girl’s wish for a swimming pool. My daughter received a Congressional Award and the Make-A-Wish flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol in her honor. She was six-years old when this took place.”

Another significant accomplishment of the young playwright was her active role in the Motor City Make-Over where she was crowned for helping restructure the City of Detroit.

Andreana stays grounded by spending time with friends who are aware of her talents but “treat her normal; nothing special.” It makes her happy that they attend her plays. Also, she’s involved with Burning Bush International Ministries and leads worship for the youth group at her grandfather’s church in Northville, MI.  The young producer/singer/actress’ favorite gospel singer is Deitrick Haddon. Another vocalist that she enjoys is pop singer, Ed Sheeran. Rap music ranks high on her many interests, “but it can’t have any bad words in it.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for this young lady. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come!


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The artificial intelligence sex industry used to be the exclusive domain of men. But that trend is so 2017. If you though last year’s female sex dolls with huge, voluptuous breasts and unnerving facial expressions were weird enough, wait till you see 2018 unfold with MALE sex dolls. It is finally time for women to also get equal representation here! (just to be on the safe side in case feminists get triggered!)
What do you call a penis characterized by robotic thrusts? Bionic penises. That’s what these robots are now equipped with. These glorified dildos will be going on sale sometime this year, released by Matt MucMullen who founded Realbotix.
Matt is the brains behind Harmony
Harmony is an artificial intelligence app which actually helps to synchronize with a robotic head system. This allows the head to become ‘aware’ and express ‘feelings’. Kind of like a warped up version of a sex OS.
How long does it last ‘he’ last in bed?
An important question that many women (and jealous men) will be asking is how long will the robot last in bed? Or more precisely what is the upkeep time of the robot? Matt says the robot is hooked to the grid, so as long as she wants really!
Infinite facial expressions
Prospective customers will be given an app on which to customize their own choice of face and bodily features such as the height, musculature and facial expressions of the robots which will then be used for 3D printing.
More popular than dildos
According to the world’s leading AI researcher Dr David Levy, male sex robots would eventually become more popular than vibrators and dildos. We wonder where these women will be able to hide their new ‘partner’. Certainly not inside the closet!
Matt’s optimism is slightly disturbing
Matt believes that “I’m sure women will find robots as appealing as men!” The guy definitely has admirable optimism. One which should make us all fear inside. The guy is on a mission to replace US all!
“They are companions”
What’s even more disturbing is how Matt wants these sex dolls to become more than just a tool for sexual gratification. He wants them to replace human companions and provide the feeling of being truly loved both inside the room and outside of it.
Does that not creep you out?
Let the thought sink in. These creepy faces are designed to soon take place next to your wife in bed when you’re unable to satisfy her sexual cravings. All the ‘blemishes’ which you had will be fulfilled by these robots.
Size of their junk?
The most important aspect of any dildo is its size and girth. According to Matt, his male sex robots will come in all shapes and sizes, and the premium priced ones will even feature fancy dildo strap-ons.
Female versions of Matt’s robots
Matt’s software called Harmony has the ability to equip these ghastly creations to be able to talk, learn and adapt to the customer’s demands. But currently he only has female versions of them, and they all cost in excess of $12,000.
Advanced robots
Some researchers are of the opinion that sex robots will soon become advanced enough to be able to cheat on their human partners and cover their tracks by lying. Now that is taking it a tad bit too far!
Justin Bieber sex doll
And Justin Bieber is the first victim of the male sex doll industry. Despite not having outgrown his tween image, most people decided it would be a good idea to create Justin’s replica. Does the doll actually look like the real thing? Well you decide.
The dolls are made out of silicone
Silicon used to have a promising place in the computer chip industry, but now it is being used to make the most important cosmetic tool created by man – silicone rubber. The material used to create these sex dolls.
Autonomous robots
The future looks grim for the rest of us if it is characterized by autonomous robots who can make decisions for themselves. Elon Musk, founder of Space X likes to claim that world is not far away.
Will robots take over the world?
Not only will they take over your women, they are also poised to take over the world. If they can cheat over their human partner and cover it up with believable excuses, surely they can hijack a country’s nuclear codes and make their own dictatorship right? That’s some next level post apocalyptic stuff right there!

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Kevin Spacey can add ‘racist’ to his ever-growing list of accusations.

The alleged sexual assaulter is being accused of throwing out the N-word when discussing his security team.

via Daily Mail:

Earl Blue, 51, the head of VIP Protective Services, was hired by Knight Takes King Productions to manage on-set security during season one filming of the Netflix series in 2012.

He claims Spacey, who played lead character Frank Underwood in House of Cards, refused to acknowledge the black team members and even made racial slurs.

Blue said a group of black security guards were watching the trailer for the show when he heard the actor tell his personal security manager: ‘I don’t want n***ers watching my trailer.’

When Blue raised concerns with set managers about Spacey, who was referred to as ‘The Powers That Be’, he was told: ‘That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy.’ 

And despite producers allegedly telling VIP Protective Services – who have provided security services for HBO in the past –  that they were pleased with their work, their $1.1 million contract was not renewed.

Breaking his four-year silence, dad-of-three Earl, who plans to sue Spacey, claims the fallout resulted in his business, which employs  40 guards, losing millions of dollars in revenue.

One of his employees, supervisor Eric Lyles, 47, corroborated Blue’s allegations and claimed Spacey also refused to shake his hand or acknowledge him.

The pair fear dozens more will have suffered discrimination at the hands of the Hollywood star, who has separately been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen men.

Blue, from Annapolis, Maryland, is a married Navy veteran who served for 11 years before going into security. He said: ‘I was a tremendous fan of the man but now I am disgusted by him.

‘I lost faith that I am in the right job after the contract was terminated. I questioned myself for months. What could I have done differently?

‘Then I came to the realization that I did everything I was supposed to do, I was just dealing with a racist man.

‘I sat on it for four years because I believe in confidentiality but when it comes to the point where people are being harmed, enough is enough.

‘I realized he was getting worse and worse.’

Blue says he knew he ‘might have a situation’ with Spacey on the first day of filming in Baltimore when he and Lyles were introduced to the actor.

He said: ‘The locations manager wanted to introduce him to me and my supervisor for the company and then meet a police officer who was handling the police situation.

‘So Spacey comes out of the trailer and the locations manager says, “Kevin, I just want to introduce you to the security team.” He introduced me, the supervisor, and the policeman by name.

‘Kevin is standing right next to me. He looks me up and down, looks at my supervisor up and down, and reaches across us to shake the hand of the police officer and then walks away.

‘We are all standing there looking at each other like, “OK, that was awkward.”

‘From that point on we had a security officer posted outside of his trailer and my security force is predominantly African American.

‘Every time he walked back he would look at this black officer but he wouldn’t even speak.

‘He never spoke to my security guards but he was talking to everyone else. He even talked to the location manager that tried to introduce us to start with.

‘He talked to all the police officers, laughing and joking with them,’ Blue said. 

Blue’s employee Lyles, a supervisor at VIP Protective Services who has worked in the industry for 17 years, also recalls the alleged incident.

He said: ‘I always meet the stars and see what they’re like, what their likes and dislikes are.

‘When I went to meet Mr Spacey to say hello to him, I went to extend my hand to him to shake his and he didn’t want to shake my hand.

‘I have never had that problem before.’

As company boss, Blue says he would usually position himself next to the main talent, so he was stationed around 15 to 20 feet from Spacey’s trailer.

He claims that every time the actor left to go on set, he would lock the door behind him and start to walk away before turning around and checking the door a second time.

Blue, who has a degree in Digital Media Forensics from John Hopkins University, said: ‘He would look at me, walk back to his trailer and check to make sure the door was locked.

‘Over the course of that day I started laughing at him. He did it every single time he left his trailer – at least a dozen times.

‘He obviously had some uneasiness about me being near the trailer. I would smile at him and even speak, say “good morning” or “good afternoon.” But he would never reply.

‘I have experienced this before. I have been black my whole life and I can tell when a person is not looking at me as a person but they are looking at me as a color.

‘They are coming to a conclusion about what type of person I am.

‘But I’m there to do a job and it doesn’t matter if you speak to me, I’m going to do that job. So we kept filming.’

Determined to do a good job, Blue claims he regularly changed the guard who was positioned outside Spacey’s trailer – but the actor found other things to complain about.

Blue says Spacey raised various concerns with his personal security outfit, who acted as a go-between the actor and VIP Protective Services.

‘He started nit-picking about the uniforms, so we changed the uniforms,’ he said.

‘Then he would have his security come over and ask about a guard: ‘Why is that guard over there and not over here?’

‘I spoke to the production manager and it was always the same thing; “That’s just the way he is, we’ve got to make him happy.” 

When the contract came to an end in April 2013, Blue says he was called into a meeting with the location manager, business partner, and producer Iain Paterson.

He claims the representatives of Knight Takes King told him they were ‘really pleased’ with VIP Protective Services’ handling of season one and that there were ‘no complaints.’

‘There was no theft or damage and they were pleased as punch with the work we had done,’ Blue said.

But Blue says that after separate meeting between production company staff, where Kevin Spacey was present via a phone link, their contract was terminated.

He says a production manager later told him Spacey had announced over speaker that ‘he did not want n***ers on his set anymore.’

He said: ‘In the film industry we are a close knit group of people. One of the people called me and told me what Spacey had said.

‘We were blown away. He was blown away.

‘Two days later I got a call from Iain (Paterson). He was on the phone upset. He said Earl, “I have some bad news. Unfortunately we are going to have to part ways and not renew the contract.” 

‘I said, “What?” He said, “Unfortunately the contract is being terminated. We need to go in a different direction.”

‘In my contract there is a clause for remediation, so we are supposed to sit down and talk about it but he said, “Unfortunately Earl it is the powers that be.”

‘They cut us a check for the next two weeks even though we didn’t work.

‘I have been in the industry for almost 20 years. I worked on Oscar-nominated movies. My most recent projects include Marvel and Oprah Winfrey.

‘But my projects have been few and far between since then. I have got commercials but no real substantial work.

You can read the rest of the account via Mail Online. We can’t say we’re surprised by any of this.

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DETROIT (WWJ) – Calls coming in from surrounding states as well as area residents asking just what was the boom or blast heard minutes after 8 p.m.?

Homeland Security ending that speculation stating a fireball meteor is the source of the mystery in the sky Tuesday night.

Minutes after the eruption — which was seen across many states in the Midwest — the possibilities ranged from ‘thunder snow’ to a meteor.

“Heard a boom and I kind of thought I felt something — and my dog freaked out,” one caller told WWJ.

post on Facebook allegedly shows the meteor cross the sky.

meteor nws Description Of A Boom, Light Filled Sky From Metro Detroiters: Fireball Meteor The CauseIn a recently deleted reply on Twitter the National Weather Service – Detroit saying that ‘no lighting detected. Appears to have been a meteor.”

The weather service telling WWJ early on that they were ruling out possibilities and had not concluded the actual cause.

In a text alert to residents: “Ingham County Emergency Management Update: Multiple sources report that a fireball meteor was seen over the county earlier this evening. While many also reported an explosion, there is no indication that anything landed on the ground or cased damage. Most likely it was the boom of the meteor breaking apart. And that there is no need to call 911.”

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A powerline stretches across a backdrop of golden fields. A stem of grain cuts through the sun shining in an empty forest. Justin Timberlake is cold and alone in the woods, staring at something we can’t see. Now he is kneeling in a snowy field, lost in thought and then a second later arms stretched up toward the heavens. Now he is walking fully-clothed through a quiet stream. He is gazing out at some snowy mountains. Next he is on a cliff gazing out over an autumnal wilderness scene. Something is weighing on Justin Timberlake’s mind, but what could it be?

We don’t know yet, but what we do know is Justin Timberlake is now very deep. The trailer for Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods presents the former NSYNC heartthrob looking pensive in various natural settings, hitting every note of the “white man finding himself in the empty West” trope that has long been part of America’s romantic fictional past (and Levi’s commercials). In case the shots of Timberlake running through empty fields that cut to a shot of a band of horses running through snowy mountains aren’t enough, his wife Jessica Biel and his producer Pharrell are there to hammer the point home in a voiceover. “It feels like mountains, trees, campfires, like Wild West, but now,” says Biel. “It just feels so earthy,” says Pharrell shortly before a black and white shot of him in a studio pronouncing something, presumably a song from the album, as “a smash.”

White colonialist fantasies aside, there’s something very familiar about this pivot in Timberlake’s style. We saw it from Miley Cyrus in her hasty rebranding around her 2017 pop country album Younger Now, as well as from Lady Gaga who took to wearing cowboy hats with the release of her 2016 album Joanne. Authenticity is quite marketable now, and for white pop stars that means shifting away from the hip-hop and R&B-influenced sounds that made them famous, and toward the sounds of Southern and country rock. For Timberlake, the pivot should be sonically natural: Originally hailing from Tennessee, Timberlake has never been shy about celebrating his Southern origins. And considering Pharrell and Timbaland are both producers on the album, Man of the Woods is likely to retain some familiar influences. But with his insistence in the video that this album will be his most personal yet, Timberlake is indulging in the inexplicably popular fallacy that music with heavy country influences is somehow more profound or emotionally acute than music that is electronic, lyrics that are rapped, or songs that inspire listeners to shake their asses. Most recently, hip-hop artist Post Malone pushed this narrative in an interviewwhere he said, “If you’re looking for lyrics, if you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life, don’t listen to Hip Hop.”

Timberlake has a long history with hip-hop and R&B, genres invented and dominated by black people. (And to be clear, without African-Americans, there would be no rock or country music as we know it either — but I digress.) His first single as a solo artist featured legendary hip-hop duo Clipse and was co-written by The Neptunes. The success of his second studio album FutureSex/LoveSounds was in no small part due to hip-hop producers like Timbaland and Rick Rubin. There’s nothing wrong with a white artist expressing black influences in his music; still, the ease with which Timberlake can pivot to and away from blackness certainly raises some questions. Pop music is about reinvention, but only white artists are allowed the freedom to leap between racialized identities, depending on the whims of the market. Timberlake can escape his past much more easily than Janet Jackson, whose nude breast at the 2004 Super Bowl — which popped out thanks to Timberlake’s planned pull — directly kicked off the decline of her career, which has yet to recover. (Timberlake, for his part, has never fully atoned in public, though his upcoming performance would be a good place to start.)

The first single from Man of the Woods will be released on January 5, while the full album will arrive on February 2, just a couple of days before the highly-anticipated Super Bowl LII halftime show. The album may very well include some hits, considering the seasoned team behind it. He’ll only have to live with himself for pandering to a whiter America.

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James warms up before Game 5 of basketball's NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cavaliers in Oakland, Calif., Monday, June 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James fired back at President Donald Trump on Saturday after Trump said Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was no longer invited to the White House to commemorate his team’s NBA title.

LeBron took a shot at Trump and backed the Warriors guard in the process:

U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!

James released a video on Uninterrupted later on Saturday:

Earlier Saturday, Trump tweeted about uninviting Curry:

Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!

Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul, and former Los Angeles Lakersstar Kobe Bryant also defended Curry:

 whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can’t possibly “Make America Great Again”

With everything that’s going on in our country, why are YOU focused on who’s kneeling and visiting the White House??? 

On Friday, Curry told reporters he would vote against the team visiting the White House, via’s Chris Haynes.

When asked Thursday about the Warriors possibly visiting the White House, head coach Steve Kerr said they would sit down and decide as a team, per’s Ramona Shelburne.

Curry was the most outspoken about not wanting to visit the White House, and he explained his feelings on the matter Friday, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic (h/t’s Jeremy Woo):

“That we don’t stand for basically what our president has—the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said at the right times—that we won’t stand for it. By acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country, what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye toward. It’s not just the act of not going; there are things you have to do in the back end that you have to push that message into motion.

“You can talk about all the different personalities that have said things and done things—from [NFL free-agent quarterback Colin] Kaepernick to what happened with [Seattle Seahawks defensive end] Michael Bennett to all sorts of examples of what has gone on in our country that has led to change. We’re all trying to do what we can using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that. That’s kind of where I stand on that. I don’t think us going to the White House will miraculously make everything better, but this is my opportunity to voice that.”

James and the Cavaliers visited the White House last year after beating the Warriors in seven games to win the 2016 NBA championship, but they did so when Barack Obama was still in office.

The most prominent championship team to visit the White House since Trump was sworn in was the New England Patriots following their Super Bowl 51 triumph over the Atlanta Falcons, though some players declined to attend.

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Tone Are

Contributing Writer

It looks like the woman once alleged to have been Kevin Hart’s side chick may be the female many believe Hart alluded to when he posted to Instagram with a public apology to his wife and family for putting himself in a position to be extorted, on Saturday night, September 16.

Soon after Hart’s video went viral, Monique ‘MoMo’ Gonzalez, who came to the public’s attention after she was sighted in the back seat of a car with Hart in Miami one early morning in July, released a cryptic Instagram post that read, “The truth always comes to light.” The post caused many to draw conclusions that she may have put it up in response to Hart’s video. Fans and followers of the comedian may recall a recording taken of Hart’s vehicle, which showed him appearing to get affectionate with the aspiring model. In the days that followed he would vehemently deny accusations suggesting that he was cheating on wife, Eniko, who was pregnant at the time.

Eniko and Kevin just tied the knot last year. They had been dating since 2009, which precedes his divorce date with ex-wife Torrei. Where the couple goes with their seven-year relationship remains to be seen, in light of them expecting their first child together.


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New STD Lawsuit Against Usher, 2 More Women and a Man

The Usher scandal — that he allegedly has herpes and had sexual contact with individuals without telling them — is about to get bigger, because 2 women and a man are going to file a lawsuit claiming Usher exposed them to the STD.

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom says she’ll file the suit Monday in California and hold a news conference in NYC to correspond with the filing. One of the women will appear at the news conference. The 2 others will remain anonymous and will appear in the lawsuits only as Jane Doe and John Doe.

Bloom says all 3 individuals claim to have had sexual contact with Usher after 2012, and he failed to warn them he allegedly had an STD.

We reached out to Usher’s camp … so far no word back.

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By    |  August 2, 2017 8:20 AM EST  |   26

Bobby V -Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media

Men going to transgender escorts is nothing new and in countries like Brazil, it is common practice. The recent scandal involving R&B singer Bobby V has drawn attention to men who choose to have sex with transgenders. Bobby V has stated that he did not know escort Reima Houston was a man and ran from the apartment when he realized this was the case. Some are disputing Bobby V’s claim that he did not know the person he was with was transgender. The debate as to what actually happened continues. Still, the incident has presented a topic of discussion many avoid. It appears that many men are choosing to have a transgender side chick. Whether for exploration or living a taboo alternative lifestyle, there are a variety of reasons men are choosing this option.

Madison Hinton, Transgender porn star and entertainment mogul (Photo courtesy of Madison Hinton)

1. Looks. According to porn star TS Madison during an interview with rolling out, looks do play a part. She stated, “I do not consider any heterosexual man that has an attraction to a transgender woman a homosexual. A transgender personifies a genetic woman, some say we over-exaggerate a woman because we go to the extreme of larger breasts, hips, and buttocks but at the end of the day we still look like women. We are the ones who put in the time to look like a woman. So, when a man is attracted to a transgender woman, he does not say, ‘Oh my God look at the good-looking guy.’ He’s looking and saying this is a beautiful woman. When you tell him you have male genitalia, it makes people label you gay. There are some men who will go through their relationship with transgender women and have nothing to do with the penis. But yet they want it to be there because it is taboo.”

2. Taboo sex: Some male customers enjoy the aspect of power and sexual domination that they may not receive from a female lover. In 2015, pro boxer Yusaf Mack, came out as gay and announced that he was looking forward to having a transgender relationship and exploring his sexual identity.

3. Pleasure: For some men, anal penetration is pleasurable and stimulates the prostate, known as the male G-spot. Last year, Amber Rose sent out a tweet about former lover Kanye West that read:


Even among heterosexual partners, some couples engage in what is known as “pegging“ where the man is anally penetrated by his female partner with a strap-on dildo or other sex toy. The whole purpose of this is to reach the male equivalent of the “G-spot” and has nothing to do with being homosexual. There are some men who are frustrated that they can not engage in this practice with their female partner and choose a transgender escort. Being able to engage in this behavior without emotional attachment through prostitution is an outlet for some men.

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