Saturday, July 22, 2017
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‘Money’ accused the Irishman hours earlier at the New York press conference of racist insults concerning black women

The pair landed this afternoon on identical private Zetta Jet planes – but not the same jet as first reported – on their world tour to promote their super fight on August 26 in Las Vegas.

Tensions have simmered all week in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York with the fighters engaging in intense trash talk which threatened to spill over last night.

And fans are expecting another bad-tempered clash at the SSE Wembley Arena from 7pm tonight. Follow the live stream and blog on the press conference here.

Mayweather was livid with McGregor for his comments about black women (Image: Flynet Pictures)
McGregor arrives for the final leg of the world tour (Image: Flynet Pictures)

McGregor attempted to defend himself from racist accusations levelled last night after telling Mayweather, “Dance for me, boy,”.

He insisted he was “half black from the belly down” and that it was a “present for my beautiful, black female fans.”

Outrage immediately followed with Mayweather slamming the Notorious for his remarks.


“We can’t judge a man for what we hear from others, we must judge a man for how he treats us,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather shows off his TMT luggage (Image: Flynet Pictures)
The American has traded insults with McGregor all week (Image: Flynet Pictures)
The Irishman denied his comments were racist (Image: Flynet Pictures)

“He totally disrespected my daughter, the mother of my daughter, he disrespected black women and he called black people monkeys.

“I’m proud to be a black man and to be an American.

“He can’t do that. You cannot disrespect black women. You cannot disrespect black people. Period.”

The private jet arrives in London for the final stop of the world tour (Image: Flynet Pictures)
The fighters’ entourage arrive (Image: Flynet Pictures)
The pair will meet on August 26 in Las Vegas (Image: Flynet Pictures)
Wembley Arena will host the final press conference (Image: Flynet Pictures)

McGregor later responded to the outrage, claiming he does “not even see colour.”

“That doesn’t sit well with me,” McGregor said. “I am a very multi-cultured individual.

“I do not have any ill feeling toward anyone. I do not even see colour.

“I just wanted to say something that I could have a little fun with.

“I just wanted to play with it and address it in my own little way.

“It’s stupid and it’s ridiculous, that’s basically what I was getting at.”

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Jessica Todd

VladTV Staff Writer

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor faced off for the second day in a row, and this time around they were in Toronto. The famed fighters took their trash-talking to a new level, with Floyd challenging Conor to put his money where his mouth is in their fight.

He told McGregor, “If you believe in yourself like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check, you b****.”

Check out the full clip above.

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blac chyna on good morning america

Good Morning America

Just when we all thought the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian beef was over, Chyna wanted to remind us that she’s not going down without a fight.

The 29-year-old reality star appeared on Good Morning America to open up about Rob’s Instagram explosion in which he accused her of cheating, drug use, plastic surgery and more.

“I was devastated, of course. I’m like, ‘How could somebody, like, post these pictures of me?'” Chyna said on Good Morning America. “This is a person that I trusted. I just felt betrayed.”

Chyna claims most of the things Rob accused her of are not true, and in terms of the cheating rumors, she wants to make one thing clear: they’ve been broken up since December. In fact, she sent him the video of her kissing another man because he wouldn’t leave her alone.

“If somebody keeps poking at you … you’re eventually gonna pop,” she said. “[I thought,] maybe if I send this video to him, maybe he’ll just leave me alone.”

But now, she’s taking the law into her hands. In fact, she’s in the process of filing a restraining order against him with her high-profile lawyer, Lisa Bloom.


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Sanrda Rose

Jermaine Jackson just stepped out onto the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival with his 22-year old girlfriend on his arm. Jackson only divorced his wife of 12 years last June and fans are appalled at the age gap between the pop star and his new girlfriend.

The couple looked like something out of a fairy tale. Jermaine Jackson wore a prince-like ensemble, complete with gold shoulder pads. The 62-year-old Jackson Five icon wore his salt-n-pepper hair in a neat, close-cropped bouffant. He looks positively dapper. But the young woman on his arm was the one turning all the heads.

Maday Velázquez is a 22-year-old Cuba native. She began studying performing and modeling at a very young age and has found a lot of success.

Lipstick Alley

The stunning beauty wore a powder-blue Cinderella ball gown. The off-the-shoulder classic gown moved with her when she walked, making Maday Velázquez look every bit the part of Disney princess.


The couple looked very much in love as they posed for photographers on the red carpet. She wore her hair in a loose but formal up-do, all that was missing was the tiara and gloves.

Lipstick Alley

Some controversy does surround this couple besides the more-than 30 year age difference. It has been suggested that Jermaine and Mayday began dating before Jackson was officially divorced from his wife of 12 years Halima Rashid.

I Love Old School Music

Jackson’s marriage to Halima Rashid was good, at one point, both of them agreed, but things did not end well. Rashid was arrested on a domestic violence charge after biting her husband’s leg.

Charges were not filed, however, because police could not determine who the aggressor in the dispute was. They both released statements saying that they knew they would be better off if they weren’t married.

I Love Old School Music

Clearly Jermaine had no trouble moving on, because he has been dating Mayday ever since. It’s hard to imagine what a 62-year-old brother to a pop icon would have in common with a 22-year-old aspiring model.

It is easy to see what Velázquez sees in Jackson, though. He’s got a famous family, gets a large stipend doled out by his mother, provided by his brother, the late Michael Jackson.

Who knows? Maybe they’re as smitten as they look. One thing is for sure, though, they had that Prince Charming and Disney Princess on lock.

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John S.

Contributing Writer

It seems pretty common these days among the new crop of rappers to move away from traditional hip-hop swag towards a more haute couture look. Rhymers like A$AP Rocky and Young Thug have been the subject of countless discussions over their choice of dress, and now Lil Uzi is often mentioned in the conversation as well.

Last week, the Philly rapper generated some chatter after being seen out in a shirt that many felt was better suited for a woman than a man, though he proudly revealed to a fan that it cost over two grand.

So on Sunday, it was no surprise when Lil Uzi hit the magenta carpet at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards rocking another high-priced shirt which blurred gender lines a bit.

Speaking with Sway and The Real‘s Jeannie Mai, Lil Uzi commented on the Valentino top he was wearing. “Oh yeah, this is some good Valentino…good Valentino, the good stuff,” said Uzi of the shirt, which was made from a white, diaphanous fabric.

After Sway had brought up the backlash Uzi received last week over his shirt, the rapper revealed that the Valentino also cost $2,400. Sway then asked how he responds to the haters.

“You know what it is? They’ve never felt these fabrics before. That’s all it is,” said Uzi with a smile.

Check out the clip up top.


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MP The God

Contributing Writer

Article Image: Amber Rose Allegedly Bans Club DJ From Playing Any Kanye or Wiz Songs

Amber Rose’s split from Kanye West was not a pretty one, with him making comments about Rose that were seen as derogatory months after. From there, Rose went on to have a child with Wiz Khalifa, and it seemed as if the two were at peace with each while raising their son. However, an appearance by Rose at nightclub may indicate that she is over both of those rappers. Recently, Amber Rose was booked for an appearance in Miami at Ora Nightclub. Before reaching the spot, she allegedly told the club not to play any music from Kanye West or Wiz Khalifa.

A source from the nightclub told the NY Post “Rose was specific in asking for no Kanye, and definitely no Wiz songs. She wanted the night to be about herself and she succeeded.” Rose also was seen hanging out with French Montana that night.

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Oscar winner Mo’Nique went NUCLEAR on Lee DanielsTyler Perry and Oprah … blaming the trio for her getting shut out of Hollywood — in not so many words.

The comedian did a standup special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater, and went off about getting blackballed. She insisted that’s the wrong term to use. She prefers … “whiteballed” … “by some n*****s who had no balls.”

Mo’Nique had a falling out with “Precious” director Lee Daniels after she won the Oscar for that movie, and she’s made the ‘blackballed in Hollywood‘ claim before. But this is the first time she’s lumped in Oprah and Tyler.

She’s also never said it this viciously — “Y’all can suck my d***, if I had one!”

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Written by TJB Writer in Blog

Gladys Knight Sides w/ Dionne Warwick, Calls Out Aretha Franklin

Gladys Knight Calls Out Aretha Franklin

Gladys Knight is #TeamDionne, when it comes to the alleged rift between legendary singers Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin. During a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Gladys spoke about the situation, stating:

I know my sister, Dionne. It ain’t nothing to her. Now Re [Aretha], is a little bit different. It’s just one of those things, everybody got their little knick knacks going on.

Siding with Dionne, she continued,

Dionne is gon’ speak her mind and she’s gon tell the truth. Re is gon’ be sensitive and cause a whole lot of rift raft.

See the clip.

Glady’s comments were in reference to a recent interview that Aretha did in which she revealed that she has serious issue with Dionne.

Gladys Knight Sides w/ Dionne Warwick, Calls Out Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick

As previously reported,  Aretha called out Dionne over an issue that seems to go back over five years. Aretha claims that Dionne fabricated a story that she was Whitney Houston’s godmother. The comments were allegedly made, back in 2012 at the late singer’s funeral. Aretha says of Dionne,

She blatantly lied on me;  fully well knowing what she was doing. 

At the time, Dionne told attendees at the funeral that Aretha was there and introduced her, but then realized she wasn’t in attendance.

Gladys Knight Sides w/ Dionne Warwick, Calls Out Aretha Franklin

Dionne Warwick (2015)

Referring to Aretha by her nickname, Dionne reportedly said,

Ree’s not here, but she is here. She loves Whitney as if she were born to her. She is her godmother.

Aretha says that at the time, she could not attend, as she was suffering from swollen feet and missed the funeral so she could perform later that night at Radio City Music Hall in New York, which she said she was contractually obligated to do.

Gladys Knight Sides w/ Dionne Warwick, Calls Out Aretha Franklin

Cissy Houston (2014)

Days after the funeral and Dionne’s comments, Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s mother, clarified that Aretha wasn’t Whitney’s godmother (it was Darlene Love). However, Aretha took offense to the comment and opted to address it at a later time.

There’s been so much going on around her (Houston), around the service, around the drugs, around her and Bobby (Brown) supposed to be fighting, I didn’t want to add anything to that and I didn’t want to be a part of that. 

Five years later, Aretha is ready to speak on the situation. She says that she saw Dionne last week at the Tribeca Film Festival’s premiere of mentor Clive Davis’ documentary, “Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives,” and she also performed. Aretha says of their interaction,

She said, ‘Give me a hug.’ I said, ‘Oh hell no. You couldn’t be serious’.

When asked if she wanted an apology she replied,

I don’t care about her apology, at this point it isn’t about an apology, it’s about libel. We’ve never been friends and I don’t think that Dionne has ever liked me.

Dionne has responded about the situation, via her rep, stating:

She will not dignify a response to the statement made by Aretha Franklin.

Aretha has yet to comment on Glady’s recent comments.

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