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Stevie Wonder Sings National Anthem On His Knees, Calls Out Trump

Photo of Katie Jerkovich


Stevie Wonder took the stage in Texas and got down on both knees with his harmonica to play and sing the national anthem before calling out President Donald Trump.

“And the home of the united people of America. Not just some, but all. Feel me, feel me, Mr. President,” the 67-year-old legendary singer told the crowd at the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin Sunday night, according to Newsradio.com on Tuesday. (RELATED: Stevie Wonder Kneels ‘For America’ At Global Citizen Festival [VIDEO])

“I’ve never seen the color of my skin, nor the color of your skin,” he added. “Not to get political, because I don’t like to do that. It is time for the leader of this nation, the leaders in the varied political positions that they hold, the people, we as artists–all of us come together as a united people of these United States of America.”

It was the second time during a concert that the singer’s gotten down on his knees to show his support for NFL players who have used the moment during the signing of the “Star Spangled Banner” to protest racial injustice.

Last month, during the Global Citizen Festival, the singer announced that he was taking a knee to pray for our country.

“Tonight, I’m taking a knee for America,” Wonder told the crowd. “But not just one knee! I’m taking both knees. Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, our leaders of the world, and our globe.”

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Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, and beloved icon of Detroit, said she plans to close out her career where it began, in her beloved hometown.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, Franklin said she plans to move from her longtime Bloomfield Hills home into a residence in the city of Detroit and open a nightclub where she will occasionally sing.

The 75-year-old Franklin, who announced her retirement earlier this year, said she had been talking to officials at Bedrock about the idea for a couple of years — and she has mentioned it in previous news interviews — but she’s tired of Think — ing about it and is ready to move.

“I’m interested in doing a small nightclub downtown, and he (Bruce Schwartz, Detroit relocation ambassador for Bedrock Real Estate Services) and I have been talking about this for a couple of years now…,” she said. “In my retirement plan, I’d like to have a small club here in Detroit.”

Bedrock President Dan Mullen said in a statement Thursday that the company “would love to work with Aretha, and we look forward to hearing her ideas for a club downtown.”

The name, the Queen said, is easy.

“It would be Aretha’s!”

“From time to time I would sing, and of course, I would have special artists come in to perform for the city that people in Detroit like —  Detroit favorites.”

Franklin said that while she would love to partner with Bedrock and was “talking to (Schwartz) about the possibility of Dan Gilbert” partnering with her, Franklin said she’s willing to listen to other possible investors as well. Schwartz could not be reached for comment.

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The move would be a new phase of a 57-year career that has seen Franklin record more than 100 singles that made the Billboard charts, including 17 Top Ten pop singles, 100 R & B singles and 20 No. 1 singles. She had the most Billboard Hot 100 hits of any female artist until Nicki Minaj passed her earlier this year (76 to 73, although the Queen is not done yet). Franklin had held that record for nearly 40 years.

Franklin said the club is part of a retirement plan that includes moving back into the city and finishing her new CD, which will be executive-produced by Clive Davis.

The singer told WDIV-TV in February that the CD,  with several tracks produced by Stevie Wonder, (who wrote my favorite Aretha hit “Until You Come Back To Me,”) was nearly finished and that this would be her last year of doing concerts.

She said she would do “some select things, maybe one a month, for six months out of the year” but that 2017 would be her “last year in concert.”

“I will be recording, but this will be my last year in concert. This is it,” she told WDIV.

As for the move, she didn’t disclose the location of her new residence, which she said was undergoing extensive renovations. But she said she’s getting ready for the return to the city where she grew up.

“I’m cleaning house,” she said. “I’m going to be moving back into Detroit, and I’m just getting things ready for that. My granddaughter just went to college, so I’m spending time with my grandchildren, and I’m also readying the new CD.”

Contact Rochelle Riley:  rriley99@freepress.com. Follow her on Twitter @rochelleriley.


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Shaina Auxilly

Contributing Writer

Article Image: Stevie Wonder to Marry 3rd Wife, Tomeeka Bracy

Third time’s the charm? Music icon Stevie Wonder is getting hitched again. The 67-year-old singer is getting married for the third time to his long-term girlfriend, 42-year-old Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. The wedding ceremony is set to take place beachside in Jamaica on June 17 with celebrity guests including Elton John. Stevie’s 9 children (from five women) will be in the wedding as bridesmaids and best men. His kids range in age from three to 42-years-old.

Stevie and Tomeeka have been dating for five years and have two children together. They have reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement.

Source: thejasminebrand.com

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It’shere One of her favorite songs the soul ballad “A Love Thang” of soul vocalist Rena Scott was released on February 25th, 2017 in the Netherlands as a soulful dance song. The song is written by the talented Lloyd Tolbert and Rena Scott is now soulfully remixed at TheRoomRecordings here in Holland.
The song A Love Thang received a Grammy nomination in 2005 for Best New R&B Album in the Urban Adult Contemporary Category. It is time to do a new release of this major hit. She is pushing her legacy and music forward with her experiences toward the young and the gifted singers, writers and producers.With her new release single ‘A Love Thang’ Rena also reaches out to her fans here in Europe. Rena Scott performs with several new young and established artists, producers creating the musical bridge towards the future. Please Support her by purchasing the new single for only 99 Cents on Itunes.com the link is below :

For Press: info@mo-music.nl
Bookings USA rlentertainmentgroup@hotmail.com
Bookings Europe : info@mo-music.nl Di


It is also availble for Live Streaming on these Sites Below:

I-tunes: https://itun.es/nl/n69gib

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/779ncJbeogNMU5AXrGI0kH

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/search/rena%20scott/album Artist page

Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/m/T33i3huz7gn2zmycpyuteago6e4…

Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/artist/4135510 Artist page

Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Love-Thang-…/…/B06XC91YYF/ref=sr_1_2…

This production is made possible by Rena Scott, Lloyd Tolbert, Ron Lee, Emile Bode and Monica Scheepers.
R.L Entertainment Group Ron Lee (USA)
The RoomRecording the Jazz Adventure Emile Bode (NL)
PMF/Mo-Music.nl Monica Scheepers (NL) www.pmf.nl
Rena Scott https://www.facebook.com/Rena-Scott-Fans-287789372766/

Listen to songs from the album A Love Thang (Bm Soulful Remix) – Single, including “A Love Thang (Bm Soulful Remix)”. Buy the album for € 0,99. Songs start at € 0,99.…

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Jamie Foxx and Marvin Gaye (Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Billboard)
Jamie Foxx and Marvin Gaye (Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Billboard)







After many others’ efforts to produce a Marvin Gaye biopic were shot down, Jamie Foxx has emerged triumphant. The actor-singer earned the approval of the Gaye family to bring the “Let’s Get It On” singer’s life story to television screens after a three-year process.

“I’ve been a huge fan my whole life,” Foxx said to The Hollywood Reporter. “His brilliance in music [is] unparalleled. Marvin Gaye’s story has always fascinated me.”

The currently untitled limited series is executive produced by Foxx and Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones of de Passe Jones Entertainment, which is responsible for projects such as “Songbird: The Miriam Makeba Story,” and “The Temptations” miniseries on NBC. De Passe’s involvement should come as no surprise considering her ties to Motown, the label Gaye was signed to. She served as founder Berry Gordy’s creative assistant in the 1960s before becoming president in 1981.

As for the Gaye series, de Passe’s production company will promote it to traditional and stream-based TV services. Plus, she and Jones are discussing which songs in the singer’s catalog will be used in the show with Gaye’s music rights holders, Sony/ATV.

In a first, Foxx’s project on the Motown star, who died in 1984 after being shot by his father, was approved by Gordy and Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III. The singer’s estate is famously protective of the star’s content, so past efforts by the likes of Lenny Kravitz, F. Gary Gray and Jesse L. Martin to produce a biographical film have been shot down by the family.

“We’ve been involved in a number of attempts to get this done, and now we’ve been able to marshal all the forces,” de Passe said. “And Jamie’s come on board as a partner, so we’re excited to get going.”

“This project will be a powerful and definitive telling of Marvin Gaye’s life story,” Gaye III said.


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Video By Singersroom.com

Soul singer/songwriter/producer Charles “Gator” Moore returns with his soulful new single, “Miracle.”

Written by Moore and produced by Carl B Music, “Miracle” is a luxurious, sweet, smooth ballad, in which Moore’s soulful, mesmerizing and raspy vocals shine through as an ode to the love he feels for his beloved unexplained phenomenon.

“Your love is like a miracle to me / I just can’t explain the love I’ve received,” the Detroit-native soulful sings.

About the song, Moore says, “It’s sort of like reality, but it’s more like a dream. Whether it’s giving a relationship another chance or taking a risk with situations, ‘Miracle’ motions you to step out on faith because you know that what lies ahead is too special to evade.”

Charles is known for his sexy hit “Straight F*****g” from the Baby Boy movie soundtrack (who everyone thought was Tyrese Gibson), and the soulful remake of the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change is Gonna Come,” from Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls movie soundtrack.

“Miracle” is taken from his debut upcoming solo EP, Chapters To My Soul.


Read more: http://singersroom.com/content/2015-10-28/Detroit-Crooner-Charles-Gator-Moore-Praises-His-Love-As-a-Miracle/#ixzz3qUJjNYMD
Read more at http://singersroom.com/content/2015-10-28/Detroit-Crooner-Charles-Gator-Moore-Praises-His-Love-As-a-Miracle/#iYAJUEPSowLgBK12.99

fb intro

Remember the 90’s group, Intro? They had several hits back in the day such as Come Inside, “Let Me Be The One,” a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In The Sky,” “Love Thang,”and “Funny How Time Flies,” but it was the lead singer, Kenny Greene, who was probably the busiest and most vital member of the group.

Kenny produced and wrote most of Intro’s songs ad he also penned many R& hits for other artists such as Mary J. Blige’s “Reminisce,” “My Love,”and “Love No Limit.” He also worked with Will Smith, the rapper Cam’Ron, and the pop group 98 Degrees. His last performance was on Tyrese’s song “Love Always,” on which Kenny sang background vocals in 2001. He also had a pretty shocking revelation he publicly shared with the world while he was literally lying in his death bed about one month before he sadly passed away…

In October of 2001 Kenny passed away from complications due to the AIDS virus at the age of just 32 years young. Abut a month before he died, he did an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine where he made a few even more shocking revelations. We wanted to share this info with you all because although it’s been 14 years since Kenny Greene passed away, the lifestyle he lived and who he really was as a man outside of the bright lights of the music industry, is something that is still a very relevant topic today that still haunts some hip hop and R&B artists, or simply just any African American entertainer in general who openly reveals that they have same sex attractions, which is what Kenny Greene revealed. See what he said on his death bed to S2S Magazine:

S2S: Hi Kenny. You sound good.
Kenny: Yeah, You know I have AIDS?
S2S: I know. How long have you been in the hospital?
Kenny: It’s been a long time.
S2S: What? A month?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: How long have you known you had AIDS?
Kenny: I’ve known for a long time, but it’s just….I sprained my ankle and this ball came under my foot like a bruise and it just swelled up to the size of a tennis ball. It’s called Kaposi’s sarcoma. It’s an AIDS related disease.
S2S: How long ago did you sprain your ankle?
Kenny: Like October.
S2S: So after the ball came up under your foot, what happened?
Kenny: I was walking around on it and I should’ve got help from the VA Hospital.
S2S: From the Veterans hospital? Why? Are you an ex-soldier?
Kenny: Yeah. I’m not active now but I was in for three years. I was in the Army.
S2S: You’re kidding?! Well, how old were you when you just kept walking around on it?
Kenny: Yeah, I should’ve went to the VA Hospital and got it taken care of, but I didn’t know what it was.
S2S: Well, didn’t it scare you?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: It did, huh? Well how did you get the AIDS? Was it intravenously or are you homosexual?
Kenny: Yeah, I’m homosexual…Well, I’m bisexual. I had two girlfriends.
S2S: Do you still like girls?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: Do they come to see you?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: Do you think you can come out of the hospital eventually?
Kenny: I transfer somewhere else when I come out of here, but they said it’s going to take me six to nine months to recover. So I’ll be in a wheelchair.
S2S: What part of your body is affected now?
Kenny: My legs.
S2S: Do you have sores on them?
Kenny: No.
S2S: Well what’s wrong with them?
Kenny: There’s no strength in my legs ’cause I’ve laid in this bed so long.
S2S: How did you get AIDS? Do you know the guy who gave it to you?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: Is he still alive?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: What do you want to tell people out there about the condition that you’re in now?
Kenny: Keep protecting yourself with condoms and don’t have unprotected sex.
S2S: Was this guy that you were with a constant partner?
Kenny: Yeah.
S2S: Is he in the hospital?
Kenny: No.
S2S: He’s okay?
Kenny: Yeah. He’s a carrier.

Today we still live in a society that so often judges a person base on their sexuality, rather than the content of their character. The truth is that if Kenny Greene would have come out as an openly bisexual man, the R&B songs he was killing it on with his soulful sound, would have probably plummeted because folks would have been confused about whether or not he was singing to a man or a woman, but instead of Kenny being placed inside of a box, maybe society should work harder to remove the boxes altogether. Of course that’s a lot easier said than done, but the more topics like this are publicly discussed, the more we will all have a better understanding of one another- regardless of if you are straight, bisexual, gay, or try-sexual.

We salute Kenny Greene for putting himself second, and the awareness to help others first, as he laid on his death bed and bravely shared this info about himself in that interview. He knew he was dying and he could have taken his secrets to his grave to allow his legacy to live on untainted, but he chose to be a bigger man than that. May Kenny continue to rest well.

– See more at: http://www.iloveoldschoolmusic.com/intro-group-member-revealed-his-dark-truth-on-his-death-bed-2/2/#sthash.AtqR2KKf.dpuf

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